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Epiron platform incorporates generative AI in omnichannel customer management

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The technology handles 60 million interactions per year across more than 30 companies worldwide. Integration with ChatGPT achieves a win-win experience with half the time and improvements in efficiency and productivity KPIs.

Marcelo Génova, Konecta CTO in Argentina, Chile & Paraguay

The relationship between companies and their customers is becoming increasingly complex. Users engage with different interaction channels frantically. It is no longer just one channel; customers use multiple channels, often simultaneously. This not only complicates customer loyalty but also requires increasingly sophisticated tools for managing their experience.

At this point, Epiron, the platform developed by Konecta that integrates multiple digital service channels, ensures an intelligent relationship between customers and companies and brands. This is achieved through the incorporation of Generative Artificial Intelligence that develops customized responses to each customer's needs and profile. In addition to its interface with Social Media, WhatsApp, YouTube, PlayStore, Telegram, Mail, and Chatbots, among other channels, this powerful tool now integrates with the capabilities of ChatGPT, the generative AI platform with the most users in the world.

The new functionality conceived by Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) allows agents to access a summary of the historical conversation with the customer, quickly understanding the context of the query to provide a tailored response, offering a better user experience in half the time and improving efficiency and productivity KPIs.

This capability adds to its chatbot and virtual assistant service with automated and configurable responses and intelligent language analysis.

Based on its 13 years of experience analyzing different markets, Epiron was designed to handle high volumes of communications and provides intelligent reporting information. Currently, it manages around 60 million interactions worldwide, through more than 30 clients using the platform.

Omnichannel advantages

  • Continuous evolution: Adapts constantly to different channels within a total experience concept.
  • Bidirectional: Opens a new channel between the brand and the customer, without limits or restrictions.
  • Cloud-based: Functions as a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), available at all times and places, with a friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Own channel: Manages incoming and outgoing messages in the available channels of the client.
  • Serves multiple businesses: Integrates different service centers into a single platform to interact with customers through various channels, engaging in the same conversation.
  • Targets diverse companies: Applies to conversations from different companies simultaneously, integrating both its channels and third-party channels.
  • Custom metrics: Provides a wide range of information about conversations, customers, handling times, and channels.
  • Inclusive: Epiron has the capability to attend to individuals with hearing impairments.

An intelligent tool

Epiron is an integrated Business Intelligence system that offers the following features:

  • Chatbot and virtual assistant: Understands how people communicate, identifies valuable information in conversations, evolves with machine learning, and integrates with databases and CRM tools.
  • WhatsApp: Creates a trusting connection with immediate communication channels, converting messages when a specialist handles, resolves, responds, and classifies based on the communication's purpose.
  • Social media: Responds to public and private comments, includes a community manager and online marketing strategies, develops specific applications, reports, and insights.
  • Neural networks: Automatically classifies comments (tags), generates responses, prioritizes conversations, creates configurable attention queues according to the business, measures sentiment or opinion mining (user attitude and commitment to the brand), offers automatic closures, and Social Media Center Dashboard.
  • Community Management Service: Monitors and moderates comments, generates engagement, provides social media analytics solutions, publishes and curates content, and has user management and Community Management teams.

Epiron Numbers

  • 60 million average interactions per year.
  • 28 clients worldwide.
  • 58 business units.
  • 30 service centers (sites) in Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, and Spain.
  • 180 connected accounts in 11 channels: Chat, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, YouTube, PlayStore, Telegram, Mail, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, and Google My Business.
  • 1500 active agents operating the platform annually.
  • 15 virtual assistants currently automating 12% of the traffic.
  • 5 integrations with bots.

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