Artificial Intelligence & Analytics

Konecta is embracing an AI-driven transformative approach to customer experience, supporting clients on their AI journeys. 

We orchestrate the complete AI ecosystem for our clients, easing their AI adoption journey and ensuring it leads to an elevated CX and enhanced operational excellence.

To deliver this, we’ve made it our mission to dismantle AI adoption barriers and clarify the way forward for clients - deploying our unique capabilities in sourcing the best talent, designing and optimizing processes, and leveraging our networks of cutting-edge technology partners. 

Through this AI approach, Konecta clients can arrive at, and thrive in, a CX landscape characterized by seamless hybrid AI-human client interactions that ensure efficiency without compromising empathy, client-centric AI models tailored to their needs, and operational excellence across the entirety of their CX.

Our Approach: Konecta's driven CX ecosystem


Global partner ecosystem
To support our AI vision, mission and solutions, we’ve partnered with other world-class companies, complementing our own expertise and offering the best value proposition for Konecta clients.


Expertise and localization
Through our diverse and widely-distributed team of experts, Konecta brings global AI capabilities to local markets, ensuring our solutions are culturally aligned and effective in specific market contexts.


Horizon-scanning and innovation
Our AI Acceleration Office continuously benchmarks AI advances and integrates them into our solutions. This ensures our AI offer and partnerships remain cutting-edge and market-relevant.


Flexibility and adaptability
Always responsive to client needs and preferences, we offer anything from comprehensive AI-driven operational reviews and revamps, to quick-win AI solutions for micro-journeys and challenges that bring rapid results and returns.

AI & Analytics services

  • AI-Boost for operations: We integrate digital, artificial intelligence (AI), and Generative AI (GenAI) tools into the client's operational model. We leverage augmented agents to optimize and operate these tools, achieving increased automation and efficiency in operations.
  • AI-Driven CX: We provide outsourcing services with a perfect blend of augmented agents and GenAI/AI-powered technologies, ranging from proprietary solutions to best-in-class third-party solutions.
  • E2E CX Value Partner: We redesign and implement CX processes, deploying GenAI/AI-powered technological solutions, and operating with augmented agents to ensure a high-quality and outstanding customer experience.

Gen AI use case factory

Konecta’s  Gen AI Use Case Factory develops and refines AI applications for the benefit of our clients, their customers and our own operations.

To do so, we collaborate closely with clients to identify challenges and opportunities, develop bespoke AI and Gen AI solutions to address them, and ensure they integrate seamlessly into existing systems and processes. Below are just a few examples.


Konecta Co-Pilot provides agents with real-time assistance on knowledge management, multilingual and other tasks, freeing up time or focus from manual or repetitive tasks. Benefits have been shown to include improved performance, higher Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and enhanced customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Coach AI

Konecta Coach AI solution uses Gen AI to boost agent training and agent knowledge, including real-case and roleplay training and testing. Demonstrated benefits include accelerated learning, improved knowledge retention, and reduced ramp-up times.

Performance TrAIner

Konecta Performance TrAIner can identify shortfalls, performance dips or other issues and then provide personalized training and improvement plans. Benefits include improved agent performance and engagement, and faster ramp-up times.

Generative Revolution:
How AI Transforms BPOs and CXM

Looking to get real-world insights on Gen AI and its successful application in customer experience management?

Konecta and Everest Group joined forces for a webinar to explore the potential and opportunities for GenAI in business process outsourcing.

We shared our unique perspective on GenAI's transformative impact, looking at real-world use cases and practical applications.

If you missed it, download the presentation and watch the recording!

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