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Generali engagement solutions and Konecta: Excellence through partnership

For any business to maintain a high standard and a positive reputation, assuring quality is of utmost importance. Konecta’s commitment to quality assurance has fuelled a high successful long-term BPO partnership between Generali Engagement Solutions and the Konecta Global Clients Division in Romania.

Resulting benefits for Generali include scalability, improved CSAT, lower turnaround times and lower attrition.


Generali Engagement Solutions and Konecta have partnered since 2020, and Konecta is responsible for planning, organization, implementation, and provision of multilingual customer services. The aim is to achieve the highest possible level of FCR and to use the capabilities and competencies of Konecta - especially in the fields of digitalization - for excellent customer service, innovation and process optimization.

As Generali Engagement Solutions planned to grow globally, Konecta was in the front line of managing these objectives with flexible, creative, and fully aligned solutions. With close communication and shared-value business models, this approach guaranteed continuous improvement of quality and operational excellence. 


Konecta chose to be a partner for Generali Engagement Solutions, and not just a supplier, building a bespoke center of operations to establish best practice service processes managed in the most efficient way, in order to positively impact the customer care experience. 

When transferring the customer services from the previous provider, Konecta and Generali Engagement Solutions developed a rigorous, data-driven process to facilitate a smooth transfer of the customer services, with an agreed transition period. 

Looking to provide outstanding employee experience, Konecta coordinated the recruitment process, together with Generali Engagement Solutions, to select experienced agents who were tech-savvy, detail-focused and excited to help customers. With tailored “train the trainer” initial training, Generali Engagement Solutions helped Konecta to be prepared to meet unexpected sudden peaks up to 15% in times of business growth. 

Since the initial transition period, the Generali Engagement Solutions - Konecta success story has been built on a strong foundation of looking critically at all the existing procedures and challenging them. For example, Konecta put in place a senior management team with the experience and knowledge to build post-call analytics that drove high-impact actions for proactive early intervention. The post-call data and analytics were used to identify, predict and then intervene, proactively reaching out to the customer to address their requirements on care. 


Through such data-driven approaches, Konecta helped Generali to sharpen all aspects of its marketing and customer management by locating and ultra-segmenting its audiences, providing insights into who its customers are and what they want, and helping it create positive impacts with the right messages, formats, and approaches. 

Konecta constantly measures the operational performance of its team, and the results demonstrate the quality and value of its services that lead to customer satisfaction and customer engagement. On an annual basis, the results are above the standard, with Konecta surpassing its targets by 106%.

“What truly distinguishes Konecta is its unwavering commitment to creating strategic partnerships with its clients. It takes the time to understand each client's unique business needs, challenges, and goals, enabling it to develop tailored solutions that generate tangible results. Through its comprehensive understanding of the industry, it has consistently provided invaluable insights and implemented innovative strategies that have significantly impacted our business outcomes.”

Maurizio Tessarotto
Head of Operations & Customer service,
Generali Engagement Solutions


A crucial element in the partnership was Konecta’s support for Generali Engagement Solutions to reconstruct its existing CRM; this in turn facilitated an optimization process. Starting in Q4 2022, Konecta successfully moved from 15 different tools to close to five tools, optimizing the workflow of team members so as to make them more efficient and closer to customers. This has led to an improved CSAT, while, at the same time, handling times have been rendered more efficient.

  • Through its strategy of proactively reaching out to Generali’s customers on their care requirements, Konecta has improved CSAT by up to 1 point each year.
  • This has also impacted other results. For example, FCR has increased by 13% in 2023 over 2022. And outbound turnaround time achieved a stable 2.9 days in Q2 2023, a 200% decrease compared with 2022.
  • Due to the enhanced Global Clients benefits package and an employee experience focused on community, attrition has been below average for the BPO service market, at approximately 15.38% for 2023.
  • Greater efficiency has created a beneficial financial impact for the client, with the invoice decreased by up to 10% monthly. This in turn has created new opportunities for team members to develop (e.g. new roles, such as Business Analyst, were set up, opening the way for further insights and improvements).

For both Generali and Konecta, the partnership has proved to be a tremendous success. For Generali, the collaboration has enabled it to:

  • strengthen its presence in the sales and health market, aligning its broader focus on technology and wellness. 
  • grow continuously in different countries from Europe, knowing it can depend on Konecta to take over the customer support operational elements.

At the same time, Konecta has been able to build on the success of its partnership with Generali to extend its expertise and presence in the insurance sector.

“The expertise and professionalism displayed by Konecta throughout our partnership have been exemplary. It has seamlessly integrated into our operations, becoming an extension of our team and consistently upholding our brand values.”

Maurizio Tessarotto
Head of Operations & Customer service,
Generali Engagement Solutions

“As we have demonstrated with Generali Engagement Solutions, our core mission is to ensure mutual success by setting common goals with our client and to provide outstanding experiences by leveraging exceptional management capabilities and innovation know-how to secure lasting partnerships with all our stakeholders around the world. We work with absolute transparency throughout our projects, supported by a strong financial base that allows us to develop our people and sustainable business model.”

Monica Todiros Butea
Director of Operations / Global Clients Division,

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