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Five practical examples of how Gen AI can transform customer relations

There’s a huge amount of conversation about how generative AI (GenAI) can transform customer relations and customer experience, but to many people, these discussions can still seem abstract. What they really want is more specific insights and use cases on how the potential of GenAI could be engineered into their own sphere, improving their operational excellence, customer experiences and ability to compete.

This hunger for specificity and applicable insights is why Konecta has put a GenAI Use Case Factory at the heart of its GenAI planning and strategy. The team collaborates with clients to look at the challenges and opportunities with their own business or industry, and then not only develops and refines Gen-AI powered products and services that address those needs, but also ensures that they can be integrated seamlessly into systems and processes. 

To get an idea of how this works, and how Konecta is using GenAI to create value to brands in different sectors and geographies, here are five scenarios that Konecta’s GenAI Use Factory has recently been addressing. 

We should emphasize that these scenarios are absolutely not a comprehensive list of GenAI-powered services; rather, they are just a tiny selection of the myriad ways in which the capabilities of GenAI – for example, in automation, rapid insight extraction, agent empowerment, and hyper-personalization - can be applied, with tangible results, to specific issues that brands face when delivering customer management. 

Smartclaims: optimizing the role of AI and Humans in Customer Service

Konecta wants clients to thrive in a landscape characterized by seamless hybrid AI-human client interactions that ensure efficiency and satisfaction without compromising empathy and operational excellence. An excellent example of this is a solution it has developed for the insurance sector, using Gen AI /AI to transform claims management. 

An insurance client was facing frustrations in its management of motorcycle and car insurance claims, due to its processes for registering claims, integrating data into legacy systems and tracking claims progress. So, Konecta designed and implemented an AI-driven claims management solution combining traditional AI capabilities – such as optical character recognition (OCR) and robotic process automation (RPA) – with cutting edge GenAI capabilities, while also recognizing the continuing role of human agents in delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

Thanks to Konecta providing a seamless end-to-end process that integrates smoothly with the client’s legacy systems, the clients’ initial claims management processes can now be efficiently handled with minimal human intervention, including document indexing, claims registration, classification, data extraction, and archiving. Meanwhile, for claims requiring human intervention, the use of an agent co-pilot gives agents access to consolidated information summaries, and actionable suggestions.

Results achieved for the insurance client include a 30% reduction in claims processing times and a 90% decrease in errors in processing claims. In addition, the use of GenAI in this solution can potentially be extended to the insurer’s related services, such as damage assessment, settlement and fraud prevention.

In addition, Konecta has now expanded the capabilities of SmartClaims to manage various other types of back-office tickets, including complaints management and subscription changes across multiple industries, such as energy and telco.

Automation: improving resolution times and freeing up human time

Jorge del Rio, Chief Information Officer of Konecta Group

A second example of how GenAI can improve operational efficiency and free up agent time for higher-level activity is its use to automate common helpdesk functions. Konecta has done this with its own training platform helpdesk, creating an advanced virtual assistant, called Uxia, powered by GenAI. Uxia’s main functions are:

  • through natural language processing provided by GenAI technology, Uxia identifies and directs incidents, especially in the case of password resets.
  • Uxia automatically does password resets for the corporate training platform, without having to go through support, thereby reducing the need for human intervention.

“The basis of Uxia’s efficiency is not just the use of GenAI but the fact that Konecta has integrated it into One Journey, our process orchestration system. One Journey enables Konecta to orchestrate GenAI capabilities within the same process, providing end-to-end automation and seamlessly integrating with third-party tools or solutions in a low-code environment.”, Jorge del Rio, Chief Information Officer of Konecta Group.

In its first month of trialing on Konecta’s corporate training platform, Uxia autonomously resolved over 70% of total incidents relating to password resets, accelerating resolution time for platform users and freeing up the helpdesk support team’s time for other work.

Customer Satisfaction: efficient provision of multilingual communications

Customers want brands to communicate to them in their own language, but this creates multiple challenges for brands – for example, language mistakes in emails, chat or messages can irritate customers or create more serious misunderstandings. 

Spelling is one example of this. A Konecta client, in the telco sector in Europe, interacts with customers in multiple languages, but faces challenges around multilingual accuracy: agents struggle with spelling, and traditional dictionary and rule-based spell checkers don’t fully meet their real-time needs. This can impact the clients’ relationships with customers. 

Konecta has worked with the client on a Multilingual Spell Checker solution, whereby agents’ outputs are checked using GenAI, delivering better and quicker corrections than traditional spell-checking approaches. The resulting conversations contain optimal, consistent spelling, with fewer errors and ambiguities. Benefits delivered to the client include:

  • improvements in average handling times (AHTs) and average operation times
  • fewer errors in communications, both in simple spelling slips and more serious errors in language or meaning
  • enhanced agent experience and engagement
  • higher customer satisfaction and loyalty resulting from the improved quality of communications.

An important aspect of this solution is that it is model-agnostic. It harnesses the potential of models such as Claude or Microsoft and OpenAI’s Chat GPT 3.5, with their vast language and versatility, without constraining the client into a specific platform or tool. So, we can readily develop bespoke solutions that integrate with clients’ existing and preferred systems and platforms.

Agent Performance: augmenting agents through Knowledge Management Tools

We’ve long known the value of the ‘augmented agent’ in customer relations. The integration of GenAI can ramp this up, improving and accelerating agents’ access to information and insights they can use to interact with clients. 

For instance, a common issue for agents is that, when facing questions from customers, they may find an overload (or lack) of information, leading to delays in finding the answers. Clients often hold large amounts of customer and product information in different databases, websites, PDFs, intranets, among others, making it complex for agents to respond to customer requests or enquiries.

Konecta has worked with telco and financial services clients, among others, using the application of GenAI to improve the real-time information retrieval process for agents. For example, a chatbot or virtual assistant can grant them swift access to the relevant information on specific topics and questions, as well as enable them to perform various functions, including mathematical operations.

Another good example of Konecta's client-focused knowledge management tools includes those developed by leveraging and enhancing the Gen AI capabilities provided by our partners, TalkDesk and Genesys. These tools assist agents with proactive knowledge content suggestions, utilizing real-time speech-to-text conversion and Gen AI's advanced text understanding and composition capabilities. This innovative tool has been successfully integrated into the operations of clients in the energy and public sectors.

The trial results for Konecta's array of knowledge management tools have showcased a multitude of potential benefits. These include enhancements in average handling times (AHT), increased levels of first response resolution, improvements in the quality of responses, significant reductions in human error, and an overall improved experience for agents

Improving Agent Performance through Speech Analytics and Hyper-Personalization

Trainers and coaches know that individual, personalized action plans are more effective in empowering and getting the best performance from agents, but there is significant complexity and time involved in analyzing the interaction and performance patterns of agents, identifying best practices, and creating multiple action plans or training adapted to the needs and learning styles of different agents.

Konecta is at the forefront of using GenAI and speech analytics to change this. At the heart of its innovative CoachAI solution is its AI-based conversational intelligence platform (SAE) which analyzes 100% of agent-customer interactions. 

Carlos Garcia, Ceo & Co-Founder of Strategy Big Data

"We used AI speech analytics and Coach AI in an outbound sales campaign for a major European retailer client to conduct automated interaction analysis and processing, to map conversational models, carry out automated best practices detection for each conversation phase, identify key success patterns, calculate individual agent gaps and improvement opportunities, and identify and develop personalized training actions and content. Results achieved through the implementation of this solution included a 22% increase in sales and a 25% reduction in new agents’ ramp-up times", Carlos Garcia, CEO & Co-Founder of Strategy Big Data.

Konecta's AI Mission

It should be clear from the above examples that the successful development and implementation is not just based on expertise in GenAI technology and innovation. It’s also about leveraging expertise in operations and CX to identify where GenAI/AI integration could be most impactful and then honing its application in a client-centric. It’s also about comprehensively understanding and serving clients’ individual pain points, aspirations, opportunities and barriers. 

That’s why Konecta has a mission to dismantle AI adoption barriers and set out the route forward for clients – deploying its unique capabilities in sourcing the best talent, designing and optimizing processes, and leveraging its networks of cutting-edge technology partners. To achieve this, it’s acting as an architect for its client, seamlessly incorporating the enhancement of the client's internal processes, workforce training, advisory services, and tailored solution development into a coherent model. The five use cases above give just a few examples of this – watch this space for many, many more!

  • There’s so much more Konecta’s AI and CX specialists can tell you about GenAI, and how they can use it to address your specific needs and opportunities. If you’d like to know more, get in touch: https://www.konecta-group.com/contact

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