The Konecta People: let’s meet Jan Nedelnik

The Konecta People: let’s meet Jan Nedelnik

Hello Jan, and thank you for sharing your time and insights with us today.

As you reach almost 13 years at Konecta, we're eager to hear about how you started your journey with us. Could you walk us through how you began and how you arrived at your current role as General Manager for Czech, Hungary & Slovakia?

I started my journey as an agent 20 years ago. This experience has been really formative for all my future career steps - the first-hand experience, knowing how demanding the job is, how efficient you have to be, how many KPIs you need to meet. Also, how crucial are the team, the team leader, the company culture, and the environment, which must be supportive if you are to be successful in this very difficult job. 

After being an agent, I acted as team leader, then as ops manager. I then joined Konecta in 2011 as manager responsible for our local biggest client, from the telco sector. I was managing the operation as well as the commercial relationship - another great experience, learning how to create win-win for all the stakeholders - client, customers, company and colleagues.

Next I became head of operations, managing the entire local client´s portfolio. This was a cornerstone for my current role - understanding all industries (telco, finance, logistics, retail, utilities…), all channels, all support functions.

I was appointed to the current role of General Manager (GM) in 2021 - our previous local GM decided to leave the company, and I was given the trust and opportunity to move into the role of GM for the Czech Republic.

Jan Nedelnik

Given your long history with Konecta, it's clear you’re very embedded in the Konecta family. Could you highlight any projects or experiences that stand out as particularly memorable or impactful in terms of your career?

First, I have to mention the Covid period. That was a crazy time when virtually overnight we had to adapt to a new environment - being locked down at home, with new tools, new ways of motivation, and extremely fast changes in projects and capacities (with some industries ramping down and many ramping up). We got through it very successfully, stronger and bigger than before. 

My second highlight is our evolution from a Czech company into a Central European cluster. In 2021 we opened our operation in Hungary, in full Covid, so fully remotely. Not only did we onboard our first employees remotely, we even rented the facility via video! And then in 2022 we opened our operation in Slovakia, in 2023 we started serving Austrian and German clients, and now in 2024 we are also serving Polish clients. 

All this expansion was made organically, rather than through acquisitions, using the skills of our management team, and all these markets have been profitable from year one. 

Throughout your career development at Konecta, have you found that the support and mentorship available has helped you achieve your ambitions? In what ways has Konecta encouraged you to grow and excel professionally?

I´m a big fan of this well-known saying - ask not what your team can do for you, ask what you can do for your team. 

The great strength of Konecta is that when you are willing to learn, to understand more, to explore new things, you can. 

In addition, we have a culture of “Better do something and fail, than not act at all”. Mistakes are normal, we always need to take the lessons from them, but we encourage people to act. 

Another important mindset I got from my mentors is that every leader needs to act as if the team/project/company is his/her own company.

Konecta’s global presence and perspectives create amazing opportunities for people to progress their careers and outlooks. Could you give any examples of how this has shaped your own career journey and personal growth?

We developed from a local company into a Central European one thanks to Konecta´s presence and perspectives as a strong global player. All my team had to learn how to manage teams from different countries, with different mentalities.

Personally I'm grateful for having the opportunity to work with our global team, especially on the projects for international, world-leading companies.

Looking back, is there anything you'd do differently in your journey or anything you wish you’d known earlier? What advice would have been helpful at the start of your career with Konecta and what advice would you offer newcomers at Konecta on how to navigate opportunities and overcome challenges? 

Due to the fact I have experience in many roles, from agent to manager, I had a tendency to micromanage, to be part of everything. I´ve had to work intensely on myself, to have less control, to leave people to do things their way, even to let them make mistakes. 

If I could humbly advise anyone, I would say:

  • Be eager to learn things, be curious about how things are working, go the extra mile. 
  • Treat people as you'd like people to treat you. 
  • Have a passion outside the office - family, sports, hobbies …

Turning to the future, what guidance or thoughts would you like to offer those contemplating a career with Konecta, especially regarding the opportunities for professional growth and advancement?

I’d like to tell them that everyone has a marshall´s baton in his or her kitbag! What I mean by that is, everyone can make their career through their skills alone - regardless of  education, nationality, gender, race, age etc.

Even when you are looking for a starting position, Konecta is a great place to be. 

You are getting two things in one - skills and effectiveness in the BPO sector itself and also deep knowledge of the various industries you work for. 

After all these years, what aspects of your career at Konecta resonate most with you, fuelling your enthusiasm to continue your journey here? On a personal level, what elements of your role or the company culture have been most fulfilling?

Our team is the reason for continuing. We are working in a tough industry, where it’s not always rainbows and unicorns! But thanks to my colleagues, we are able to overcome all challenges, and also to have fun in our daily routine. 

Personally, it is important we are still moving the company forward - we have the spirit of a start-up, making new things, and making them fast.

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