The Konecta People

The Konecta People: let’s meet Lautaro Pelizza

Hello Lautaro, first of all, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions

You've been with Konecta for almost 20 years now. Could you share with us how you started here and reflect on your journey up to your current position as clients' regional director for LATAM?

I started more than 20 years ago as a customer service agent in Argentina and very quickly became a supervisor and then a coordinator. Within 4 years I had become an account manager. I was in the right place at the right time, as they say!. In 2012 I took on the position of Director of Operations for Argentina, with responsibility for many areas including HR, Workforce, CX, Management Control, PMO and Transformation. In 2018 I moved to the commercial world as Commercial Director and in 2021 I began this current position as Clients' Regional Director for LATAM. It’s been quite a journey!

You have been part of "the Konecta family" for a very long time now. Can you share any experiences or projects that have been particularly meaningful to you during your time here? 

There have really been many but I would highlight two in particular. For me, both of these are very representative of the capacity and strengths of Konecta and the teams that comprise it. 

My first pick is the creation of a commercial and operating model to manage regional and global clients in the Americas. This has given us very fluid communication between all the countries, and created a level of teamwork that had not existed prior to that. Today we have commercial power and a unique, coordinated and structured approach to operational management that ensures excellence for our clients. 

My second highlight is a sales transformation project, the first of many similar projects. This project involved all our countries looking for the best practices in each geography, and resulted in a sales management model that provides Konecta and our clients with the highest possible levels of efficiency, in all aspects. Here too, all countries work as a team in pursuit of a global objective.

Over the years, as you have pursued your desire to develop your career and skills, have you felt supported and accompanied by Konecta? How have they personally encouraged you to take the initiative and grow professionally?

Yes, totally, I have always felt supported and accompanied. Konecta is a company that allows growth, that provides opportunity, that bets on internal talent, that provides training. Personally, I have always been surrounded by great professionals, great bosses. I have tried to learn a lot from them, in addition to making the most of the training that Konecta gave me and of my own personal studies.

Being part of a global company like Konecta, with multiple locations, offers you unique perspectives and opportunities. Can you give us any examples of how Konecta’s global footprint  has opened doors in your own professional and personal development?

Well, precisely - my current position is based on Konecta's global footprint! Our goal as a regional team is to provide our global and regional clients with the same experience no matter where their operation is located, and to seek new clients as a block, with a power that we would not have if we just operated locally. These past three years have allowed me not only to get to know excellent teams from America and Europe but also to get to know different cultures and this has enabled me to develop as a person and as a professional.

Looking towards the future, what message would you like to convey to those considering joining us at Konecta, in terms of the opportunities for career development and advancement?

I would say to those who are starting their career at Konecta to put their trust in the company, to plan for many years here because it is a great workplace to develop in. Konecta is a huge company, which provides opportunities - they are there in front of you and it’s up to you to take advantage of them. Training, studying and giving your best will definitely allow you to develop and grow.

What do you like most about working in Konecta, and what motivates you to continue working here after so many years? 

Two things motivate me personally: challenges and people.

Konecta is a company in constant growth, which  forces us every day to improve, to think differently, to explore new services and solutions, to develop as professionals. This, combined with  the talent across the company and the good working environment and teamwork we have here, motivates me to continue here for many more years.

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