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Konecta's Commitment to Reforestation: Reducing Our Footprint and Supporting Sustainability

In a world where the population is growing exponentially, and with it the consumption of natural resources, it is important to keep sustainable development in mind. This means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own.

Human activities include the emission of greenhouse gases, which contribute to the rise in global temperature, one of the phenomena of climate change. It is therefore no longer enough to talk about sustainability; we must act and contribute to this common global goal.

One solution is reforestation projects, which regenerate areas that have previously been deforested or degraded. These forests reverse soil erosion and increase soil resilience, help clean the air and atmosphere, and prevent fire hazards associated with land abandonment.

It is also important to remember that reforestation also helps to offset emissions by acting as a carbon sink, absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. At the same time, they provide vital habitats for wildlife and create economic and social opportunities for local communities through the sustainable management of these forest resources.

For all these reasons, Konecta's sustainable actions focus on promoting the importance of planting trees and stopping deforestation, as well as preserving and efficiently managing existing forests.

Committed to Spanish forests

In Spain, priority is given to projects in areas where Konecta has a presence, such as the sponsorship of a young forest in Gradefes (León) and the planting of a new forest in Torremocha del Jarama (Madrid).

However, following the fires that devastated the north-west of the province of Zamora, in 2022, which affected around 66,000 hectares (34,000 of which were of high ecological value), it was decided to collaborate with the project of sponsoring a young forest in Molezuelas de la Carballeda (Zamora). In this way, it has been possible to contribute to the reduction of the negative effects that still exist.

All these initiatives have been carried out in conjunction with CO2 Gestión, which ensures that native species are used and that the trees planted are monitored in the long term to guarantee their conservation. The joint development of these three projects is expected to absorb 165.05 tonnes of carbon over the next 30 years.

These initiatives also have a double environmental and social impact. As well as contributing to environmental conservation, they create employment opportunities in areas threatened by depopulation, as the new forests are planted and maintained by volunteers from the areas where they are planted.

Partnership with Saving the Amazon to protect the world's lungs

In Colombia, a partnership with Saving the Amazon was established in 2023 to initiate the planting of a corporate forest. This initiative, funded by donations, will enable indigenous communities living in the Colombian Amazon to take responsibility for planting and maintaining the forest. This provides an economic alternative to these communities, which are at risk of social exclusion.

The planting of a diverse selection of native tree species has had a positive impact on the environment, helping to regenerate the soil, prevent erosion and promote natural fertility, which in turn strengthens the resilience of the water-plant-soil system.

Thanks to this project, the biodiversity of this area, which is vital for the planet, is protected and the sustainable development of the indigenous communities living there is supported, such as the Tayazú and Mituseño Urania, whose collaboration has made it possible to offset 650.7 tonnes of carbon.

Supporting the conservation of Argentina's ecosystem

Initiatives have also been taken in Argentina to offset emissions and integrate sustainable practices into the core of corporate policy. One step in this direction was to join the National Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development's "Climate Action Agreement" in order to continue directing efforts to reduce carbon emissions and contribute to mitigating the effects of climate change.

This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration with the Secretary of Environment of the Province of Cordoba, who carried out the planting of 500 native plants in the city of Malagueño, Cordoba.

Green impulse to make a difference in the natural areas of Mexico and Central America

Last year, other areas such as La Cañada and Ejido Magdalena Petlacalco in Mexico, La Montaña Bosque Santa Clara National Park in Guatemala and the municipality of San Luis Talpa on the island of El Salvador were also selected to increase the offsetting of emissions.

The various reforestation days in these countries were joint projects with CONAFOR (Comisión Nacional Forestal) in Mexico, Grupo de ciclismo MTB San Miguel in Guatemala and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources in El Salvador. All of them resulted in the planting of almost a thousand trees, with a projected absorption of around 2.94 tonnes of CO2.

Through these reforestation initiatives around the world, Konecta is actively contributing to a healthier planet, supporting local communities, and building a more sustainable future.

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